Work at Home Position Placement: Steps to Success

When searching for a work at home job, one is immediately faced with two types of questions. One, what are your top one to three skills or passions that might be used as primary functions in a new job or career? Two, what kinds of and specific individual positions are available?

One must begin at both ends, so to speak, in order to move toward a job somewhere in the middle.

I. Assessing the assets one brings to the market

To earn money, one must provide something of value. There are various career assessment tests one can take as an aid in pinpointing one’s strengths, and some employers require some sort of testing to confirm this.

Otherwise the resume and cover letter partially serve as a written record, not merely of personal history, but personal accomplishments. Therefore they give some indication of what one could accomplish in future employment.

But initially, the process of writing a resume helps focus one’s mind on what one is good at. This helps narrow one’s search for work at home positions. Ask a trusted friend, former co-worker, or family member about one’s skills too.

II. Brainstorming the work at home market

Brainstorming is the time for coming up with the longest possible list of ideas. It is not the time to say, “No, I can’t do that” or otherwise weed out improbable avenues. Narrowing the field comes later.

For brainstorming, write down ideas, find synonyms of those ideas, do searches online, for example on job boards. Try to keep the job descriptions brief, such as to title, in enlarging one’s list.

Give this some time and come back to it after breaks or pauses. Get the biggest list you can. Online this might be the time to collect (or bookmark) website addresses with brief descriptions too, for future reference.

III. Narrow the field, dig deeper

Next, organize the ideas into logical categories and match your skills and interests with a shorter list of possible work at home career ideas with corresponding helpful web addresses. If you are not sure about a given category or website, include it at this stage.

Then dig deeper. Do more detailed research on the remaining possibilities. Ask questions such as regarding salary or compensation range, hours required, requirements in education and experience, at-home resources, skills, benefits, seasonal busy times, travel requirements (if any), time off, emotionally difficult points of the work, age and reputation of the businesses. Weed out the unlikely or undesirable to come up with a more targeted, shorter list.

Work at home opportunities are real, but scams and shoddy business practices in the area are notoriously common. Particularly if an offer seems promising or if the promises seem too good to be true, apply extra caution and diligence in researching independent sources to determine if the business is legitimate.

IV. A wedding of self and position

Work at home positions can mean a lot of possible arrangements: Full or part time regular employment, freelance work on projects, independent solo business, multi-level marketing, affiliate marketing, and so on. The work can be wholly or partially or even very little done online.

The arrangement will determine how one applies or otherwise starts the process.

As much as possible, careful following of directions and tailoring the cover letter and resume is advised for potential employers or freelance hiring parties. If the position is essentially for an independent business, you are taking the greater risk and are in greater control.

If a fee of any kind is required, know what it is for. One should not expect fees when applying directly to an employer, although there may sometimes be fees, for example, if a service advertises your skills and availability to potential employers. Independent business owners may be expected to pay for certain things essential to the business. But beware of possible hidden costs.

And in the case of being hired for a work at home position, an interview is a good sign on the way to placement.

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